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 Ok, and I may have forgotten the guy's name but that's ok right? (I know, I'm a bad simgoddess...)

snapshot 2013bbf7 c013bf86
Here is the dude. It's funny that I remember his wife's name but not his... 

snapshot 2013bbf7 0013bf96
And here is Miss Funny lookin' sim Emily Snow... said dude's wifey... I burst out laughing when I made her... she looks like a bloody alien. :p

snapshot 2013bbf7 4013c3ce
And their home as seen from above.. a bird's eye view if you will.

snapshot 2013bbf7 4013c4cc
Do you want to know how many times I hit the stupid 'Try for Baby' option? Like 5 times until I heard the baby jingles... ok, so it's more like 4... lol

snapshot 2013bbf7 e013c44b
That looks... er, painful. :p

Let's look at that closer shall we?

snapshot 2013bbf7 0013c451

snapshot 2013bbf7 2013c60c
Makin' out in the flower bed.. keep it classy you two... :p

Their welcome wagon consists of..

snapshot 2013bbf7 8013c57a
My pregnant sim Peri.. notice that Peri has default Maxis eyes.. I'm not sure why but she does... maybe it's bc I made her b4 I got any CC in the great borking of 2013? IDK..

snapshot 2013bbf7 a013c5a1
Titania Summerdream with her awesome elf ears. :D

snapshot 2013bbf7 c013c5bf
And a very grumpy looking (or curmudgeon-like) Patrizio Monty... if memory serves the Monty family's patriarch ...?

snapshot 2013bbf7 6013c6e9
I just lolled @ this. While the two lovebirds were attempting to get it on like Donkey Kong, their guests were downstairs watching the game :p

That's all folks.. I'll try and see about figuring out the guy's name.. lol


Date: 2014-02-25 04:37 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] zerenitia
Oh god I haven't seen the Sims 2 in AGES. Those sim designs are so ancient to me! XDDD

I really like the guy's 'granny panties' he's got going on there in the flowerbed with the woman LOL.

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